Hook Wars is an unblocked battle game where you try to hook other avatars across the river and get them to your side. But be careful, as they will try to hook you, too. You must aim well with the hook to pull the opposing avatars. You get scores for avatars you hook. Master the art of precise aiming and get the highest score in this one of the most challenging battling games! 🪝

How to Play Hook Wars

There is an arena divided by a river. Avatars will keep spawning on the opposing side as you eliminate them one by one with your hook. You must eliminate all the monsters in your sight. Use your mouse to send your hook to the other side. In order to pull the avatars, the hook must make contact with them. The faster you kill, the more combo scores you get.

Aim & Hook

When aiming, it is a crucial criterion to take into account the avatars' movements. They are prone to move while you are aiming and sending the hook the other way. Keep your eyes everywhere!

Avoid Being Hooked

They will not stand idle while you are trying to hunt them. They will also try to hunt you. And they will increase in number as you progress in the game. Avoid their hooks while hooking them.

Score System

You will get scores for monsters you eliminate. For every minion you hook, you get a +1 score. And hooking the Boss will get you +3 scores. The Boss is a giant creature, and it will challenge you a little bit. To be able to hook the bosses, you will need to hook them up repeatedly until the blue bar on top of them falls to zero.

Power-Ups in Hook Wars

There are some power-ups that you can benefit from. They will help you while you are hunting the minions and the bosses. But avoid taking the curse, the green stuff, as it slows you down rather than empowering you.

  • Haste: Helps you to move your character fast.
  • Quick Hook: Enables you to send the hook faster.
  • Immortal: Makes you immortal for a short period of time.
  • Lucky Dice: It gives you a random power-up.
  • Curse: Slows you down a bit for a few seconds.

Change Your Character's Skin

You can change your character's skin in the Shop section. Open the section from the menu by tapping on the boxing glove icon. You will see many skins, and each of them has the same prize. Use your earned coins to customize your character for a unique look. Our favorite one is the blue avatar with a skull necklace and an orange hat.


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to move your character.
  • Use your mouse click to hook the avatars.
  • You may also use the Space key for hooking.

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Hook Wars Unblocked