Snake Wars is an unblocked arcade game where you, as a little snake, try to eat food and get bigger and bigger in a pit. There will be many online players around you who are also snakes. Do not collide with them. Otherwise, you will fail the game. You are going to love playing this thrilling snake game unblocked with other players worldwide! 🐍

How to Play Snake Wars

  • The key to getting the highest score in this arcade game is elementary! Eat food and get bigger!
  • Keep in mind that your score is equal to your snake's size.
  • You need to avoid bumping into others in the pit. They are also trying to grow up.
  • In order to move fast and bypass them, use the burst speed by clicking on the Left Mouse button.
  • You will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Use your time wisely and be the one with the highest score.
  • You may view your level status and change your snake's name in the menu's upper left corner.

Foods and Pits

What makes this game unique is you have the option to change the food and pit theme according to your desire. Tap on the Settings icon from the main menu to access your alternatives. You will see illuminated circles, fast foods, gummies, fruits, diamonds, cakes, and donuts as options for your food type. You can also select a pit with a green area or stones. You may also choose the sandy or the earthy pit.

Get a New Skin for Your Snake

You can find a variety of skin options. And each one is so crazy! There are 13 skins at your disposal. Use your in-game currency to get them. You will earn coins as you win the snake wars. After collecting coins, you will be able to unlock a new skin. Your snake can be a cow, pig, or even a shark! Our favorite? The green one with a purple brain 🧠.

Boost the Snake

You need to be fast to get all the nutrition in the pit. Others will also be rushing to them. So, using your boost will be very helpful for dodging the enemies and quickly accessing the food. The best time to use the boost is when a snake collides with another snake. As it will drop all the food it has eaten. Picking up the dropped food and moving quickly in that direction will benefit your growth.


  • To steer the snake, use your mouse cursor.
  • To boost, use the left mouse button or the Space key.

Similar Snake Games

If you enjoy playing Snake Wars, you may also try Trains io. You exist as a train, which is snake-styled in the game. Your main aim is to grow the train in size. You should not touch anything or others while moving.

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Snake Wars Unblocked