Snake Football is a funny and colorful game where the players turn into snakes. Control the snake that slithers around the football field, gobbling up the ball and trying to score as many goals as possible. It's time to score big and show the opponents who is the boss. 
With each game, you can become more skilled as you progress through different difficulties. The match is over in 2 minutes, so compete and have the highest score before the time is up. 

There are 6 different snakes you can unlock but for that, you need money. One thing important to know is that this game can be played multiplayer if you want to invite friends to the competition. After you spend money on your favorite snake, you will get ready to play on 4 amazing football fields. Every football field has 5 levels that need quick thinking and steady nerves when you slide to catch the ball. 

Our game combines sports with controlling cute snakes. Test your sports skills in one of the most unpredictable gaming experiences.

Arrow keys to control snake
In 2 player mode: Left player controls his snake using WAD keys and right player with arrow keys.

Snake Football Unblocked