You will open your eyes in the midst of chaos, but don't let that scare you. Trains io is a snake-styled, unblocked game where you and other players exist as trains. This unblocked multiplayer game allows you to take on the role of a train, striving to grow in size. Your primary mission in this game is to make this train bigger. You should not touch anything or other online players while doing this. Unlike other snake games, there is no such thing as hitting yourself in Trains io. You can use this while running away from other players. In this guide, we will walk you through the gameplay and provide some helpful tips.

How to Play Trains io?

When you enter the game, you can start by entering your username in the empty box. Press the play button and start the game.

Growing Your Train

  • Keep an eye out for large and small screws and toolboxes scattered across the game screen. Collecting these items will cause your train to grow. However, remember that your train's length is not permanent. If you fail to acquire enough parts, it will start to shrink.

  • Whenever your train consumes parts, it gains a slight speed boost. Be cautious when using this feature, especially when you're near other trains or the level's edges. A left click or tap activates this ability.

  • Colliding with another train can be beneficial. When this happens, all the collected toolboxes are released, allowing you to grow faster and earn more points.

  • To rejoin the game after an unfortunate collision with a wall or another train, use the coins you've collected and click 'Revive.'

Changing Your Train's Skin

Other than screws and toolboxes, you will see coins in the area. By collecting these, you can customize your train from the "Change Skin" section in the menu by unlocking new trains.


  • You can steer your train by scrolling the screen—you don't have to keep the left-click button held to do so.

  • After feeding, left-click once more to give your train a boost in speed so it can escape trouble.

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