Neon War is an unblocked game where you control cannon shooting to hit neon shapes. You will see a black hole on the field. The neon shapes will come out of this dark hole. Your job is shooting these blocks. Steer the crazy cannon horizontally and aim at the objects to eliminate them in this arcade game!

How to Play Neon War

You will see a golden cannon. This cannon starts to shoot when you press and hold your mouse click to move it. Control the gun and eliminate the blocks from the black holes. All you need to do is aim for the geometric shapes with numbers. The numbers on the shapes will show how many times you have to shoot the blocks. Challenge yourself and try to get the highest scores each time you try!

Keep Objects Away Cannon

Your main aim in the game is to demolish as many objects as possible. The challenge is that these shapes will come out of the dark hole and bounce along the platform. You must shoot them with your cannon afar. If your cannon touches any object, it will lose its health. Check its battery from the upper left corner to see how much health it has left.

Fire Rate, Damage, Health and Pet

There are many upgrades to help you progress in the game. As you eliminate objects, you will earn blue hexagons. These hexagons allow you to boost the strength of your cannon. Each upgrade increases the power of the gun by +5%.

  • Fire Rate: Upgrading the fire rate allows you to shoot faster. The faster you shoot, the more you avoid letting the blocks get in touch with the cannon.
  • Damage: Increasing the damage rate helps you deal more damage to the blocks.
  • Health: When any block touches your gun, its health will decrease. So, strengthening the cannon's health lets you have a longer-lasting play.
  • Pet: You may get yourself a little white hexagon. This hexagon companion, which will appear on the right side of the cannon, also shoots. This way, you cause more damage.


  • To steer the cannon horizontally, hold down the left mouse button.

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Neon War Unblocked