Tap Tap Colors is an unblocked game where you steer a cube that shoots balls to the blocks. The blocks have specific numbers on them. If you want to destroy the blocks, these numbers mean you must shoot them with balls equivalent to the number values. Destroy the bars before you and get the highest score in this arcade game!

How to Play Tap Tap Colors

You will see many colored bars with a number on them on the field. Your main aim in the game is to destroy as many bars as possible to open a path for your cube to advance on the platform. The numbers on the blocks tell you that you have to shoot those bars with that number of balls to eliminate them. Let's see how far you can go!

Lower Numbered Blocks

The goal is to go on the platform as far as you can. The best way to do it is to eliminate the blocks with lower numbers. This way, you won't waste much time destroying the bars. Just aim at the least-numbered blocks and shoot them. Your cube will automatically start to shoot to the targeted bars.

Avoid Collision

You must steer the cube on the platform among dozens of bars. But you can't hit any walls or blocks. Any collision will cause you to lose the game. Stay away from the floor, the walls and the ceiling. Otherwise, you will be back to the beginning.

Power-ups in the Tap Tap Colors

You will see many power-ups on the game screen as you move forward. Pick them up to use them as boosters. They will help you to pass the walls easily. There are three different power-ups. You will find brief explanations about them below.

  • Three Bullets: The Three Bullets power-up lets you shoot three balls in different directions simultaneously.
  • Slow Speed: The Slow Speed, as the name suggests, slows down the cube to take out as many blocks as you can.
  • 1 Score: The 1 Score power-up allows you to decrease the number of the few blocks in front of you to 1 for a short period.


  • Use your mouse click to steer the cube.
  • Use the touchscreen to elevate the cube on mobile devices.

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Tap Tap Colors Unblocked