Neon Slither Sim

The situation gets busy in space where you fly with your bike and collect small bullets of light. They sparkle and I’m sure you want to collect them all but be patient and pay good attention to the other vehicles or some snakes roaming around. Others have collided and now you can absorb the stars they’ve left behind. All in a row. We heard Neon Slither Sim is addictive, but we say it’s just another game that completes your coordination skills and perfections your attention. Isn't it great to be able to take a break from reality, from time to time? 

How to play Neon Slither Sim Unblocked?

You can play only by using your mouse. The bike will automatically move towards your cursor and you can boost the speed of your bike by pressing the left click.

Neon Slither Sim Unblocked