Take your place in 80 unique mini-games and fulfill the tasks. Mini Missions is an unblocked arcade game where you will be subject to many tasks in different categories. There are lots of challenges ranging from Tennis to Ninja Run. Overcome each of them and win in this mini game. Let's see how many out of 80 you can complete!

How to Play Mini Missions

  • You will see many icons of the games on the screen when you enter the game. Each comes with different aspects.
  • In one game, you will try to save Timber from being crushed under rocks; in another, you will carry water to the roof of a burning house with a helicopter.
  • These ranging tasks bring a great deal of excitement to its players. We believe you will love participating in every game on the list.
  • As you successfully accomplish the tasks, the icon of the game will be removed from the main menu, and a new game will appear instead of the previous one.
  • Challenge yourself to succeed in all 80 mini-missions in this arcade game!

Mini Reflex Missions

There are games that test your reflexes and require much attention while playing. Ants and Martians is one of them. In Ants, you will see many ants and ladybugs on the screen. They will be moving on the field. Your job is to smash the ants with one of your hands. But you can't let the ladybugs be crushed.

On the other hand, in Martians, your objective is to shoot all the UFOs with your spacecraft in space. But they move very fast. You must perform precise shooting at them, considering their mobility.

Tennis, Soccer and Golf Challenges

You can also access sports games and games that require you to use your reflexes. Engaging in tennis, soccer and golf matches is at your disposal. You may even find yourself in the ring in the Boxing game. Our favorite one is the Golf. You will send your golf ball to the hole near the red flag. Adjust the ball's direction well and send it to the hole with an appropriate speed to score.


Desktops and Computers

  • Left-Click: To Play

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual red button to play the mini games.


Shared Dreams Studios created Mini Missions.

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