Sports MiniBattles

Sports MiniBattles is an unblocked sports game where you can participate in matches in different sports branches: football, basketball, tennis and volleyball. You will try to beat your opponent, whether AI or a friend, by scoring the most in each game. Show your skills in intense matches in one of the most competitive two-player games!

How to Play Sports MiniBattles

The first thing to do is decide whether to play with a friend or against the AI. Set your mode using the button in the middle of the menu. The game will randomly open a match considering the mode you set when pressing the Play button. This match can be a tennis match or a basketball. Or you may find yourself playing a game of volleyball on a beach. It is a total surprise!

Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis or Basketball?

The game offers you four kinds of sports matches. You can play on a tennis court with your friend on the other side of the field. Or, it can open a match with two basketball hoops. During each game, try to score five times before your opponent does. Which game you will participate in is a real bombshell. Whatever it is, enjoy the intense matches to the fullest!🏀⚽🏐🎾

Random Obstacles

During a match, you will encounter black holes and different kinds of obstacles. The black holes will make you unable to direct the ball easily. If the ball hits one of these holes, it may drift left and right. Or, you can come across many power-ups to collect. Some of them are beneficial, while others are not. For example, you can make the ball’s size smaller with a unique power-up, making both your and your opponent’s job harder to control the ball.



  • Left & Right Arrow Keys: Move
  • Upper Arrow Key: Jump
  • A Key: Shoot


Player 1

  • A & D Keys: Move
  • W Key: Jump
  • Space Key: Shoot

Player 2

  • Left & Right Arrow Keys: Move
  • Upper Arrow Key: Jump
  • Enter Key: Shoot


Sports MiniBattles was developed by Shared Dreams Studios.

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Sports MiniBattles Unblocked