12 MiniBattles is an unblocked two-player game where you and your friend can compete in various minigame themes. There are 12 challenging games requiring quick wit.

All you need to do is control your avatar with a single button while managing time and speed. You and your friend will enjoy participating in unique game settings in this arcade game!

How to Play 12 MiniBattles

  • In this two-player game, you have 12 different minigame options to duel with a friend.
  • All these games require you to control your character with a single button. Simple yet challenging!
  • When you press the Play button on the screen, it will randomly open a game for you.
  • It may be a soccer match or a game where you steer a helicopter to save people from an island.
  • Furthermore, in the Middle Ages, you can find yourself as a Viking who throws maces to his opponent.
  • This arcade game has a lot to surprise you and your friend! Try to unlock all the minigames for the utmost enjoyment.

A Minigame of Rooftop Snipers

Do you remember the game in which you try to throw your opponent from a rooftop? 12 MiniBattles offers a mini version of the popular action game Rooftop Snipers with the same rules.

Control your ragdoll well, take the gun on the ground and aim at your opponent. When you shoot him, he will recoil and eventually fall from the roof. Keep shooting at him until you knock him down!

Pull Your Gun, Cowboy!

Let's turn west a little bit. The game can open a cowboy minigame called Duel and take you to the West Side! In the Duel, you and your friend will duel as cowboys with a gun in your hands.

You will try to shoot each other. There will be a bar at the top of the screen. The aiming point on this bar will be constantly moving. If you fire the gun when the aiming point comes to the green strip, you will shoot him in the head!


Desktops and Laptops

Player 1

  • A Key

Player 2

  • L Key

Mobile Devices

  • Use the red and blue buttons on the screen.


Shared Dreams developed 12 MiniBattles.

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12 MiniBattles Unblocked

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