Mini Crossword is a word puzzle game where you have to find the right solutions in the shortest amount of time. 

A grid with 25 empty squares must be filled in with words. Read the clues that will give you enough information to complete the gaps with horizontal and vertical terms. This is not a boring crossword because it is much simpler, challenging, and can be solved in just a few minutes.
Good news, you have 3 hints that can be used if you need help and are out of ideas. Putting your mind to work and seeking the right choices is necessary.
The game is suitable for any age because it allows for improving vocabulary, problem-solving skills and mental agility. You can play with your family or friends, making competitions to compare who solves the puzzle faster. There is the possibility to switch the color theme from light mode to dark mode whenever you feel a change to comfort your eyes. Prove that you can solve any level the fastest in your group.

Be ready to test your skills and general knowledge, enjoying the crossword in a new format. Keep your mind sharp and engage yourself in a delightful experience.

Mini Crossword Unblocked Game