Welcome to the middle of nowhere! Desert Road is an unblocked driving game where you drive along the highway. You will encounter many debris as you go along this road. It will not be that easy to overcome them all one by one and move forward. You need to avoid not only wrecks but also other vehicles along the way. Open all four eyes and hit the road!

How to Play Desert Road

When you enter the game, press any key to start to drive. There will be blocks, debris and other moving objects while you are driving. You have to avoid being in contact with them as much as possible. In order to get the highest score, you need to avoid those obstacles. Your reflexes are of great importance here.

The Gameplay of Desert Road

One of the main goals of this game is to advance as much as you can without encountering any obstacles. When you start playing the game, the car will move automatically. Since your vehicle will move faster than other vehicles, you need to change direction suddenly and use the brakes when necessary. But be careful; if you use the brakes excessively, your wheels may burn.

Flying through The Road

You will run into the orange box with wings while moving forward. When you use this, your vehicle will start flying, meaning it will enable you to not come into contact with anything. You can collect the money on the road by using the limited time best.

Limited Fuel

Your vehicle has a particular fuel. You can keep track of how much fuel you have left from the red bar at the top of the game screen. Your vehicle stops when it runs out of fuel. It is essential to check the bar out.

Upgrades in Desert Road

You can make some upgrades for your vehicle from the main menu. You can increase the vehicle's fuel capacity, strengthen its wheels' durability, and make the nitro last longer. You can also increase the power of your vehicle by improving its engine.


  • To change lanes, press the Left and Right arrow keys.
  • Turbo mode is accessed by using the Up arrow key.
  • To brake, press the Spacebar or the Down arrow key. Braking is another option for stopping the nitro.
Desert Road Unblocked