It is very enjoyable to move slowly on the road without traffic as the sun sets or in the middle of the night when the car's bright lights are on. Slow Roads is an unblocked driving game in which you can enjoy steering your car on an endless road.

Drive your cruise car without any rush or haste. You have a long and endless road ahead of you. Adjust your settings, such as the weather conditions or the time of day, as you wish, and set off in this car game!


  • WASD Keys: Steer the Car
  • Left-Shift: Boost
  • Spacebar: Handbrake
  • F: Autodrive
  • B: Toggle Handbrake
  • R: Reset
  • H: Highlights
  • Q: Previous Scene
  • E: Next Scene
  • V: Steer Lock
  • U: Toggle UI
  • T: Toggle Free Cam
  • F3: Toggle Debug Overlay
  • Z: Toggle Cruise Control
  • I: Increase Cruise Speed
  • K: Decrease Cruise Speed
  • C: Change Camera View
  • M: Mute
  • P: Pause

About Slow Roads

  • The best part of this simulator game is that you can determine what time of day and weather conditions you will set out on.
  • Select your preferred scene by pressing your keyboard's Q or E key. Or make the setting by clicking on the background icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Also, keep in mind that you can drive a roadster, a bike or a coach. In this car game, you have no tasks or objectives.
  • There is no end to the road. Just drive your car as you wish without the noise and chaos of traffic!
  • Furthermore, you can keep track of the distance you travel from the parameter on the lower left side of the vehicle. You can convert miles to kilometers from the settings.

Drive on the Moon or Mars

You don't need Elon Musk to drive your car on Mars anymore! You can drive the cruise on Mars, Venus or the Moon if you want. All you need to do is make your selection from the background section in the Off-World mode. Trust me, it will be very exciting to see planet Earth while driving your car!

Activate the Autodrive

When you get tired of steering your car from left to right, you can activate the cruise's auto-drive feature. Press the F key to activate it. The car will automatically drive itself according to the data received from the satellite. You will see how smoothly it takes the twists and turns. Technology has advanced so much, hasn't it?


Anslo developed Slow Roads.

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Slow Roads Unblocked