Desert Prince Runner

Desert Prince Runner is an endless runner game set in the desert. You take the role of the Prince who is on a mission to jump around obstacles, explore the streets of the city collecting coins.
You will constantly run, so pay attention to the constructions and little walls coming your way. Run over or under them and make sure you survive as many minutes as possible. The music effects will remind you of the secrets of the Middle East and it will keep you entertained for hours.

Collecting many coins, you can buy new upgrades that will help you through the game. 
The upgrades are Magnet, Flying shoes, Carpet, and Double Coin.
You can also shop 4 characters that can possess different items like Whinger, Hekmet, Gold Clock Premium gold AK-74 and sunglasses. The characters are Rifat, Alim, Umar and Shamil.

Our game comes up with missions that need to be completed. After every task, you will receive bonus coins. Let's take a look at the missions and do your best to finish off the tasks:
• Collect 230 books - bonus of 10000 coins
• Collect 300 pipes - bonus of 15000 coins
• Collect 350 emeralds - bonus of 25000 coins
• Collect 500 golds - bonus of 50000 coins
• Collect 550 smokes - bonus of 70000 coins
• Collect 650 rubins - bonus of 100000 coins
• Collect 750 urns - bonus of 180000 coins
• Collect 800 vazes - bonus of 250000 coins

Revisit the ancient world and challenge yourself to beat the high score. Grab your running shoes and get ready for an adventure.

• WASD or arrow keys to move character;

Desert Prince Runner Unblocked