The little animal characters need help to cross safely the busiest road. Everything constantly moves; don't collide with jellyfish, arrows and wooden blocks. Reach the destination while collecting the gold coins. The colorful world will keep you engaged in a fantastic race to reach the other side.

What can I buy from the Shop Section?
We present to you 8 animals ready to enjoy the adventure and cross the road. The first one is Froggy and it is available for free. The following ones must be bought with gold coins: Piggy (100), Doggy (200), Goaty (300), Turtle (400), Koala (500), Sheep (600) and Duck (700). 
Collect as many coins as you can in order to unlock your favorite character. 

How can I collect coins?
On the road, you will find coins placed everywhere. Find the chests that hide a tremendous amount of coins. Also, you notice a clock that can slow down the traffic agitation. Survive as long as possible on the difficult road and improve your speed skills. You need to prove that you have good reflexes and anticipate when danger is coming your way.

With stunning environment and colors, you will feel entertained for hours while playing Cross the Road game.

Cross The Road Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move, Tab or Esc to toggle pause

Cross The Road Unblocked