Bubble Shooter is an unblocked puzzle game in which you will pop many colorful bubbles by matching them with each other. Match at least three same-colored bubbles to remove them from the playing field.

The more bubbles you clear from the field, the more score you get in this match 3 game! Strive to beat your best score each time you play this puzzle game. Don’t let the bubble rows cross the red area.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left Mouse Button: Tap and Hold to Aim
  • Release the button to shoot.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to aim and shoot.

Bubble Shooter Overview

  • You will see many bubbles in different colors lined up one under another, creating a group.
  • Your main objective in this match 3 game is to remove these bubbles from the field before they cross the red line.
  • Match at least three bubbles in the same color to clear them away. Do not mix different colors together.
  • However, remember that the rows of bubbles will move down while you try to remove them from the field.
  • You must act fast so as not to let them get through the line. Otherwise, you will lose and need to start from the beginning!

Receive a Gift Box

There is a bar below where the score is written. This bar shows you the number of bubbles you must pop up to receive a gift box. You will get a power-up and earn coins when you fulfill this bar.

You can purchase additional power-ups using your coins from the bottom of the screen to make progress easily. They will help you a lot in clearing away the bubble stacks immediately, especially when the rows approach the red line.

Target the Crucial Bubble

When there are many bubbles to deal with, we recommend finding the most crucial bubble in a bubble stack. You can target the inner bubbles by performing a curve shot using the walls on the right and left.

Shoot the crucial bubble, and you will take down the whole stack in one shot. This strategy will make your job a lot easier! Remember that you can change the ball by tapping on the arrow pointer.

What’s More?

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Bubble Shooter Unblocked Game