Do you remember that famous Tetris game? Gummy Blocks is a similar puzzle game to Tetris. You need to place blocks, which are candies, on the playing field. Make sure you place each block somewhere. If you manage to fill a row or a column completely with the given candies, you will see that that row or column is completely cleared and opened to fill with blocks again. Play Gummy Blocks and experience the spirit of Tetris!

How to Play Gummy Blocks Unblocked

Gummy Blocks requires strategic thinking to place blocks mindfully. The aim of this game is to move forward by placing blocks of various shapes given at the bottom of the screen in the most appropriate way, leaving no space left in the grids, just like in Tetris in the 80s.

Rules of Playing Gummy Blocks

There are some rules you need to pay attention to while playing the Gummy Blocks candy game. It would be beneficial for you to take a look at these before starting the game.

  • Unfortunately, you do not have a chance to turn the blocks given to you in any direction. You need to fill the grids by integrating the shapes that appear on the screen into the playing field in the best way possible.
  • In order for the game to give you new blocks, you must first use all of the ones given to you. Place each of them on the grids one by one, taking into account the shapes of the other blocks in your hand.
  • If you manage to destroy more than one line at the same time, this can earn you serious points.
  • Once you place a block, you can no longer move it.

Scoring in Gummy Blocks

  • You get 10 points for each row or column you eliminate.
  • For each block you place, you get points equal to the number of grids the blocks occupy.

Tetris vs. Gummy Blocks

Although the Gummy Blocks game was inspired by Tetris, there are some differences between them. For example, in Tetris, the blocks descend from top to bottom, and the next block can be displayed at the edge of the screen; in Gummy Blocks, you will find the blocks standing still below. And you won't be able to see new ones until you fully use the given blocks.


  • Move the blocks by tapping and holding the left click of your mouse and drag them in the desired direction.

Similar Games to Gummy Blocks

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Gummy Blocks Unblocked