With names like Shark, Lucky, Wind Hunter, or Blue Parrot, there are five options for choosing your favorite customized plane. Each of them has different characteristics regarding speed, damage resistance, or boost. You can also play in three modes: Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial. Now, this is what we call diversity and gameplay. Airplane Racer has amazing graphics. You will be charmed by the layout of the game and above all when you play, you can change the point of view of the camera. We thought about everything in our power to make your journey a pleasant one. Are you ready for the ride of your life? Soar through the sky and navigate your way around obstacles to become the champion racer! Whether you're playing solo or against a friend, Airplane Racer is sure to give you a thrilling experience.

How can I play Airplane Racer?

Player 1 / Solo:
Arrow keys to control plane
X to use a boost
N to change camera view
Space to activate power up
Escape to pause menu

2 Players:
WASD to control plane
H to use a boost
Y to change camera view
J to activate power up

Airplane Racer Unblocked Game