The Spear Stickman is an unblocked stickman game where your character tries to shoot and eliminate your rivals appearing randomly on the platforms. Your man has a spear in his hand. Your task in the game is to eliminate the most opponents using the least number of spears in one of the most challenging arcade games. If you are ready, let’s start!

How to Play The Spear Stickman

You will face many rivals armed with arrows. They will appear on platforms scattered across the playing field. While you are sending spears and shooting them down, they also try to shoot you with their arrows constantly. The fastest one wins here. If you hit other parts of their body, such as their legs, you must send more than one spear to eliminate them. Shoot them on the head, and this will cause their instant death.

Apple Coins

Each enemy you shoot down earns you one apple coin. If you can take headshots, you will get four coins for every rival you destroy. Try to eliminate as many stickmen as possible to get the highest scores. You may use your earned apple coins to buy your man a helmet or hat.

Shoot the Apples

You will see some of your opponents have an apple on their head. Don’t forget to hit the apples with your spears. They will enable you to get the Watermelon Skin and the Mushroom helmet from the Shop section.

Protect the Head

Protecting your man’s upper body is essential. The enemies will aim on your head to destroy you quickly. So, you may consider getting a helmet or a hat using your apple coins, achieving specific scores and collecting apples. They will help you to guard the area from the arrow attacks.

  • Domed Helmet: Domed Helmet protects the head from an arrow.
  • Metal Bucket: Metal Bucket saves the head from two arrows.
  • Welder Mask: Welder Mask guards the head from three arrows.
  • Watermelon Skin: Watermelon Skin also saves the head from three arrows. To unlock it, you have to shoot 50 apples.


  • To aim and shoot, drag the left mouse button and release it.


The Spear Stickman is developed by QKY Game Studio.

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The Spear Stickman Unblocked