Avoid Dying is an unblocked shooting game where you, as a little stickman, try to send arrows to the target boards you will see on the game screen. You will get scores each time you successfully make the arrows hit the targets. Precise aiming is the key to making progress in this stickman game. The stage is yours to show your skills! 🏹

How to Play Avoid Dying

You will see a colossal booby trap with spikes right on your little stickman. If you fail to shoot the target boards, the arrow will go right to the rope and cut it off. Then, this booby trap will fall on your character's head, causing his death. You must avoid dying! Aim on the targets and shoot them right in the center. Hitting the core will earn you three scores. Get the highest score possible in the game!

Moving Target Boards

  • You will see boards on the playing field. When you hit one target board successfully, another will appear.
  • As you make progress, the board will increase in number.
  • Sometimes, you will encounter moving boards. Shooting them will not be that easy!
  • Try to develop a strategy to hit them at the core.
  • Before sending an arrow, consider taking into account what the following movements of the moving boards will be, which may benefit you a lot.

No Room for Failure

You can't miss any shots. Failing to shoot a target board will lead the stickman to lose its life. When you send an arrow the wrong way, it may cut the rope that holds the booby trap. It will cause the trap to crush the stickman. You can't let that happen. Otherwise, you will be back to the beginning.

Scoring System in the Avoid Dying

You will get scores when you hit the target boards. The number of the scores you get depends on which line you shoot the board. There are four lines colored with cream, red, blue and white. When you achieve hitting on the cream spot, you get three scores. The other lines will earn you one score.


  • To send an arrow, hold down the left mouse click and use your cursor to aim.

What is More?

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Avoid Dying Unblocked