Stickjet Challenge

A Ragdoll will wander from platform to platform with a jetpack on its back! Stickjet Challenge is an unblocked stickman game where the Ragdoll runs without touching any red lines and staying away from the spinning wheels. If it comes into contact with anything other than the green squares, it'll be back to the beginning point! Whatever it does, it needs to stay away from red. Discover how to play, master the controls, and make the most of your jetpack in this thrilling game.

How to Play Stickjet Challenge

This is a very challenging platform. Shot entirely in red stripes. The contact of the Ragdoll with these red stripes resets everything. It needs to move on the platform by taking off with its jetpack without touching anything red. It must collect the stars and flags as it progresses. 

Checkpoints in Stickjet Challenge

When Ragdoll reaches the first checkpoint, this means that it gets the first flag. Even if it touches a red part of the platform, it will not go back to the beginning; it will start the game again from this checkpoint. Therefore, these checkpoints are of great importance.

Using the Jetpack Wisely

Ragdoll will need a lot of its jetpack as it progresses on the platform. It will use the jetpack where there are long distances between obstacles. Precise timing is key, ensuring you press the button at the right moment. It is essential to be able to adjust when to press the button to use the jetpack. If the button is pressed too early or too late, the Ragdoll may come into contact with the reds.


  • Use the mouse click to make the Ragdoll move through the platform.

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Stickjet Challenge Unblocked