Messi New Challenge

Messi New Challenge is an unblocked sports game where you kick and juggle the balls in the shoes of Lionel Messi, the famous football player. There are 11 unique levels, each requiring advanced skills to navigate the ball. Luckily, you are here with a prominent footballer. Advance level by level and get all the trophies in one of the challenging soccer games!

How to Play Messi New Challenge

You have Messi as a footballer. You must shoot the ball to the goal and the targets to get scores. You will juggle a ball between each level or more in later levels. There are many tasks you will have. From time to time, you will see photos of Beckham behind the goal, and you will aim to shoot at him. On other levels, there will be moving target boards. You must get the highest points by performing precise shots on their center.

Gator as a Goalkeeper!

A gator will welcome you in the first levels. He is protecting the goal. You must perform such shots that he will not be able to save them. He is incapable of keeping the low shots. Adjust your aiming well and send the ball with appropriate speed rates to score goals! Each goal you send to the Gator will bring you a +10 score.

Juggle the Ball

There are juggling sections between the two levels. You need to perform kicks as many as possible without dropping the ball. The first juggling level will give you 15 seconds. But if you fail to kick and drop the ball, the level is over before the time runs out. In later juggling levels, you will deal with more balls at the same time! Reach the 77 kickups to get the trophy.


  • Mouse: Kick/Move


Messi New Challenge was developed by Deusx.

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Messi New Challenge Unblocked