We invite you to an endless adventure among the stars with your little alien companion. Pack your bags, and we are leaving Earth! Run 1 is an unblocked running game where you steer a gray alien in a tunnel among the stars.

However, there are many gaps in this tunnel. You cannot let your alien slip through one of the gaps. Try playing all three game modes of this arcade game for ultimate joy! Keep leveling up in the endless tunnel.


  • Left Arrow Key: Move Left
  • Right Arrow Key: Move Right
  • Spacebar: Jump

How to Play Run 1

  • Start with determining which game you want to play. This arcade game offers three game modes: Adventure, Infinite and Edit.
  • You can also set the game speed from the lower right corner of the screen. If the average speed feels too slow, increase the speed for a more significant challenge.
  • After all is done, you will find yourself in a tunnel in outer space. This tunnel has many gaps between the tiles.
  • Your objective is to steer from left to right and make the little alien jump when necessary in this endless tunnel to dodge these gaps.
  • Keep your eyes wide open to pass the hazards! If you fall, you will need to replay the level.

Adventure Mode of Infinite Mode?

In the Adventure mode, there is a leveling system. If you manage to cover a certain distance without falling through the gaps, you can move on to the next level. You will encounter a more challenging tunnel with each level.

Infinite mode also progresses with level-ups like the Adventure mode. However, there is a difference here. You will see that the "Difficulty" percentage increases with each level in this mode. The first level starts with 20% difficulty.

Edit Mode

This running game allows you to create your own game challenge in Edit mode. Press on the "Edit Mode" button from the menu. Then, enter the "Options" section to edit the gameplay as you wish. From here, you can determine the level of length or add random tiles to the tunnel. You can also set a specific level of text and color for the tunnel.


Joseph Cloutier programmed the Run 1. The animation and art of the game was made by Alex Ostroff.

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Run 1 Unblocked Game