The game's graphics are designed in such a way as to describe a beautiful location, colored and enchanting. But in this serene environment, there are enemies that you must hunt down. With patience and consideration for your work of reaching your goal, this game will show different modes of operating.

Customizable characters are waiting to be unlocked, labyrinthic setups, and an arsenal of tools you must find in your exploration. Don’t miss this unique game. It is worth the effort and it is entertaining as most pixeled games around here are. 

Five multiplayer game modes: RPG, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Explore, and Battle Royale
5 amazing and unique maps with trampoline platforms
Room options
12 character skins

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
Right mouse button to aim
Left mouse button to shoot
L for toggle flashlight in night mode
Esc or tab to toggle pause Unblocked