You are a well-dressed guy on a mission to destroy corruption. Run for your life and run to get those bad guys. It's a multiple mission based on a level-up system, so variations on the theme should not be something to worry about. Not only that you can upgrade your weapons, but like a real hero, you have the option to ride cars and transform your experience into a task force. 

Features :
• Multiple missions based on a level up system
• Game free shop
• Weapons upgrades

• WASD or arrow keys to move
• Space bar to jump
• Left mouse click or Z to fire
• Right mouse click to throw grenade
• Left Shift or C to activate Hammer Time
• Mouse Wheel, Q and E for Cycle weapons
• Enter, E to enter vehicle
• Esc or P to pause game
• M to Mute audio toggle
• V to change view


Mob City Unblocked