A mighty creature is under attack. This time you get to be a dragon in a city that’s terrorizing you and the others alike. Be strong and forceful, fearless and vigilant, and annihilate those that are shooting at you by throwing balls of fire in their direction.

Fly and aim high, protect your territory, and be a survivor in this game that will entice and make you play over and over again. Are you willing to take on this challenge and responsibility of protecting the city and your peers? The game is 3D and you can choose to make alliances and play online. Enjoy your time here!

Multiple dragon skins to use
Various dragon attacks: fireball, fire breath, and melee sweep
Destructible cars
Controllable mighty dragon

WASD or arrow keys to move the dragon
Space to fly up
Left shift to sprint
Q to jump
C to crouch
R to dodge
Shift + left mouse click for fire breath
Left mouse click for fireball
Right mouse click for melee attack
Esc, tab for pause menu

Dragon City Unblocked