Enemies have never been funnier! Funny Shooter Bro is an unblocked action game where you will deal with many red men throughout 10 levels. When they spot you, they will run to you with sticks in their hands. Dodge their attacks and shoot them at their heads. You must get rid of them to survive in this funny shooting game inspired by Funny Shooter!

Overview of Funny Shooter Bro

  • Take your weapon with you and stand against the red men.
  • There are endless levels, each more challenging than the other.
  • Your main aim is to eliminate all the red men coming towards you.
  • They are hilarious creatures with different outfits.
  • Some wear snorkels, while others choose a graduation cap.
  • They all have sticks in their hands and will attack you using them.
  • You must guard yourself from their attacks.
  • You will complete a level when you eliminate the requested number of red men.
  • After finishing the task, go to the area marked by a golden beam.
  • All the confrontations until the last level will prepare you to face the Boss!

Get Exotic Weapons

In the FPS game, you have many weapon options. Visit the Weapon Shop section from the menu. Eleven guns with unique aesthetics are available. We are sure that each of them will attract your attention with its matchless looks.

You can unlock them with the coins you earn from the levels. Additionally, you can get coins from your achievements. To get your rewards, enter the Achievements section and click on the tasks you have fulfilled.

Face the Boss

In the tenth level, you will fight with the Boss. Until the last level, you need to prepare yourself for the most challenging enemy. Getting new and powerful weapons will help you a lot. But more is needed.

It will significantly benefit you to acquire upgrades from the Upgrades. Enhancing your health rate, getting coin magnets and strengthening the grenades’ damage range will help you a lot while battling with the Boss.


  • WASD Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Look Around
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • R: Reload
  • G: Throw a Grenade
  • Shift: Run
  • Tab: Pause


FreezeNova developed the Funny Shooter Bro.

What’s Next?

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Funny Shooter Bro Unblocked