Welcome to Fort Drifter a perfect game after a busy day. Take time to relax in this casual game that does not ask you to race fight or take on challenges. It was purposefully built full of fun obstacles that help you achieve the most amazing stunts.

Prove you are a skilled driver and show off amazing drifts, jumps and rolls in the air. The location allows you to drive freely on different routes and obstacles. High-speed the car and have fun exploring the surroundings. If you want to change the area, search the yellow portal and get through it. It will lead you to another part of the wild environment. There are 10 cars created for your style. You can change your vehicle even while driving. Press the E key to select the car you must like and start driving.

Check out how many ramps and obstacles you can build yourself! Do you need an extra turn for your stunt? Make it yourself and press the Space key to build the structures you need to get the most out of your drifting and stunt training!

Drive into the shiny circles and see where they take you! Enjoy the obstacles and ramps we've built for your fun stunts!

How to play Fort Drifter?
WASD or arrow keys to drive
Spacebar for extra speed
E to change cars
Esc to pause to menu

How to build structures in Fort Drifter? 
Q to open build menu
WASD keys to choose build shape
The shape shows up in front of your car. Move the car around to choose where to build shape.
Spacebar to build shape.
Choose another shape to connect them together until you 

Fort Drifter Unblocked