Flames and Fortune is an unblocked card game in which you help Pyro-Paladin escape from the dungeon by defeating the enemies. This game was developed with the inspiration of Card Crawl.

In the game, you must clear all 54 cards of the deck without your hero's life dropping to zero! Strive to survive until all the cards are removed from the tiles in this board game.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: Select a card
  • Click on a card and drag the mouse to the hands of the hero to use their power.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to select a card and place it by dragging.

About Flames and Fortune

  • Flames and Fortune offers its players the opportunity to escort a Pyro-Paladin in a dungeon. This dungeon is full of goblins, skeletons, dragons and many other deadly creatures.
  • You need to play the cards in your hand in the best way possible and defeat these creatures to escape from the dungeon.
  • While trying to do that, don't forget to collect the gold. They will enable you to unlock new ability cards like Ricochet and Gangrene.
  • Try to remove all the decks from the board and survive in this strategy game!

The Pyro-Paladin

  • Your hero Pyro-Paladin has 13 lives. Before he loses all his life, you must help him escape from the dungeon.
  • So, how will you do that? Four cards from the decks are placed on the board in each round.
  • They can be classified as enemy, potion, gold, spell, shield or ability cards. You must pull the ones you need to use from the board and place them in your hero's hands.
  • To temporarily store them, use the backpack space. For example, you can use this space for the potions. New ones can be handed out when the three cards on the board are used.

Remove the Enemy Cards

To defeat the enemies, you can use the spell or ability cards. Click on a spell card you have placed in the hand of your hero and drag it onto the enemy card on the board. Likewise, you can also use ability cards, especially for stronger enemies like dragons.

Keep checking the number of the items! To defeat an enemy, the attack cards or the block cards, like the shield, must be equal to the number of the enemy cards or should be more.


Ravalmatic created this board game.

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Flames and Fortune Unblocked