Endless Siege is an unblocked action game where you strive to block enemy attacks coming in waves. The enemies will try to siege your land with endless waves. You must survive the attacks by locating towers in crucial locations.

Let the towers attack your enemies and remove them from your land in this tower defense game. Let's see how many rounds you can last! Don't forget to upgrade your towers for more power.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: Place Towers

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to place towers.

About Endless Siege

  • Many beasts are trying to invade your territory. To prevent them from sieging, you must place defense towers in the tactical locations.
  • These towers will attack the enemies when they are in the turrets' range. The creatures will enter your territory at the entrance, and they will try to get in by following a long path.
  • If twenty of them manage to get in, the game is over! No matter what, you need to stop them using your turrets strategically.
  • If this is your first time playing Endless Siege, we recommend you watch the tutorial from the Adjustments section.

Place Defense Turrets

In this action game, the best way to protect your land is to add various turrets to the territory. When they spot an enemy, the turrets automatically attack it. However, you need to act strategically.

Find the most crucial points of the map to place a turret. We especially recommend you take a look at the entrance and exit areas. You can't let any of the creatures escape from anywhere. We will leave the name of the turrets below!

  • Ballista (Cost: 100 Coins)
  • Torch (Cost: 150 Coins)
  • Cannon (Cost: 250 Coins)
  • Time Warper (Cost: 500 Coins)

Upgrade the Turrets

As you eliminate the enemies, you will earn coins. Use them to get more turrets and to upgrade the current ones. This way they will have more strength to attack the beasts trying to siege your land.

You can enhance the turrets' damage rate, range, reloading speed and inflict power. Additionally, you have the option to set an attack strategy. Click on a turret and then tap on the Strategy section. This section will allow you to decide what to prioritize when attacking.


RavalMatic developed Endless Siege.

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