Drift City is an unblocked drift game where you can perform particular tasks or freely wander in the city maps. You have many options regarding the game map and modes in this driving game. Choose whichever is best for you and remove dust from asphalt. Try to break your previous records every time!

How to Play Drift City

Start with choosing which vehicle you want to drive in the beginning. At first, your car options are limited. But as you get money from drifting and other tasks, you can unlock new vehicles from the car selection menu. You can find both old but gold cars and incredibly futuristic cars here. Even a vast Hammer truck is at your disposal. You have three mode options to drive your chosen vehicle: Crash Mode, Career and Free Run. Try each one and enjoy the thrilling driving game!

Crash Mode

In Crash Mode, you must mess up all the blocks marked with a sign on the road. You have a limited time. Watching the time counter at the top will be good for you. Before the time runs out, destroy the blocks and pass the level. The indicator next to the timer shows how many blocks you must destroy. You will get your rewards after completing your tasks.

Career Mode with Three Seasons

Career Mode offers you seasonal tasks. Your main task in the mode is to achieve three-star success in each mission: Classic Drift, Perfect Drift, and Flag Capture. Get specified points and flags to achieve success. After earning 15 stars, you are ready to advance to the next season.

Free Run

Four unique city maps call you to wander around with your foot on the gas pedal! If you want to drive your car independently on a map full of city lights, this game mode is just for you. As long as you wish, you can perform missions on the maps. Every city has three available missions.

  • Port City
  • Snow City
  • Province
  • Business City

Use the Tuning Cards

You may win tuning cards from the loot boxes and daily rewards. Use these cards to customize your vehicle as you wish. If you want, you can install spoilers and a roof on your vehicle. You may change the car’s color and rims of the wheels using these cards. You may also upgrade your vehicle’s engine, turbine, mass and tire features from the upgrade section.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Steer
  • Space Key: Brake
  • C Key: Camera View
  • Y Key: Telemetry


Drift City was developed by MeyaGames.

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Drift City Unblocked