Drift Hunters 2024

Drift Hunters 2024 is an unblocked drift game where you drift and get scores on various maps such as New Zealand, Nevada and Ohio. The main aim of this game is to break the highest drifting record with your beloved car on your favorite track. You will feel the thrill of drifting in your veins in this latest version of the Drift Hunters!

How to Play Drift Hunters 2024

  • Make drifts and get money according to your drifting score! It is that simple.
  • You will find many maps to enjoy. There are racetracks, playgrounds and touge maps among them.
  • It means that you can enjoy drifting on the racetracks. Or, you can wander with your car in the playground maps like Ocean City and City Streets.
  • Touge maps, on the other hand, allow you to drive your car in the fresh air of the forestry locations.
  • Just decide the game map you want to drive on and ignite the engine!

Vehicles to Ride

Go to the Cars section from the main menu. You will find 26 cars in the section. You have access to drive Toyota AE86 in the beginning. But as you make progress in the game and collect money, you will be able to unlock other cars. You know most of the cars from The Fast and The Furious, the famous film series. We will leave below the vehicles you may drive with pleasure.

  • Mercedes CLA
  • Mustang GT500
  • Dodge Challenger SXT
  • Nissan GT-R R35
  • Porsche 993

Your Vehicle's Performance

Every car has specific performance features. When you tap on the Performance button from the Tuning section, located in the Cars department, you can view your vehicle's engine, turbo, gearbox, weight, suspension, and brake levels. You have the option to upgrade your vehicle's strength from the stock level to pro using your in-game currency in this area.

Style Your Vehicle

The most amusing part of the game is styling your car. You can change your car's body and rim paint with glossy, metallic, matte, and chrome textures. Choose the color you want to paint your car from the three coloring bars. Additionally, you may find 16 unique rims to purchase from the Wheels section.

Editor's Favorite Tracks

We think that the best track to drift on among the 15 maps is the Icefield. The Icefield has the smoothest turning points, which enables you to make perfect drifts. Its icy road also helps you get the highest drifting records, making your job easier.

Ocean City is another map that you will find the most pleasurable if you just want to wander the city streets. You will be impressed with its magnificent buildings and palm trees on the roadside.

The Gearbox

It is possible in the Drift Hunters and Drift Hunters 2024 to change the gearbox type from automatic to manual. Head to the Settings and switch the option according to your wish.

What is new in this version of the Drift Hunters?

  • The game graphics of the Drift Hunters 2024 have been improved for better gaming quality. It is much more appealing now.
  • Car models are the same in both games.
  • You will find more game maps in the new version, and there are 15 developed tracks with breathtaking visuals. These tracks are divided into three types: Racetrack, Playground and Touge maps.
  • You can go to the Stance section to adjust front and rear adjustments with an added suspension option. The Tuning section has been carried into this area.
  • Performance, Body Paint, Rim Paint and the Wheels sections in the latest version have the same features as the Parts and Visuals sections in the original game.
  • You are now able to see how much performance increase each performance upgrade brings.


  • To move the car, use the WASD or the Arrow keys.
  • To brake, use the handbrake.
  • To change the camera view, use the C key.
  • To gear up, use the Left Shift key.
  • To gear down, use the Left Ctrl key.

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