Doggo Clicker is an unblocked clicker game where you are responsible for raising your cute dog’s mood by clicking on him. Every time you tap on him, he will receive bark coins. You can use these coins to buy a new head, face, and paw accessories, making him stylish. Earn as much money as you can in this fun idle game!🐶

How to Play Doggo Clicker

Click on your doggo and start to make his mood go up! He will earn money when you click on him. Use this money on the upgrade section to increase his income. Any enhancements you do will increase the money he earns. In this way, you can build a home for your pet or buy unique outfits for him.

Boost Up Bark Coins

  • You will see the upgrade section on the right side of the screen. There are many kinds of advancements listed.
  • If you hover your mouse over any of them, you can preview what benefits you will get with the upgrade.
  • For example, upgrading the Paper Cursor will allow him to increase the Coins Per Second by +1. On the other hand, boosting the Paper Mouse will enable him to raise the Coins Per Click by +1.
  • As you upgrade, the upgrade cost increases along with CPCs and CPSs. Remember that making enhancements is crucial to progress in this clicker game.

Prestige and Rebirth

  • When your doggo reaches the 100th level, he will unlock the Prestige. The Prestige will reset all his progress apart from stats, accessories, and building. But bonuses will be added to his earnings.
  • The Rebirth option will be unlocked when the bark earnings reach 1e100. Like the Prestige, the Rebirth will reset your pet’s advancements except for his assets. He will get power for his building with this option.

Dog’s Level

As he earns bark coins, your pet’s level will increase. And each level brings level points. Use these level points (LP) to boost the stats features from the bottom of the screen. Below, you can find what features you can strengthen.

  • Coins Per Click (+10%)
  • Coins Per Second (+10%)
  • Max Mood (+10%)
  • LP/Level (+1)


  • Mouse: Earn Bark Coins
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Doggo Clicker was developed by Denis Olenison.

What is More?

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Doggo Clicker Unblocked