Poop Clicker is an unblocked clicker game where your main objective is to click on the Poop and start earning coins. Over time, you will unlock new upgrades such as Bonus, Kids and Toilet System.

These upgrades will allow you to earn more coins with each click and per second. Do not miss clicking on the golden poo that is running on the screen from time to time in this idle game!


Desktops and Laptops

  • Left-Click: To Earn Coins

Mobile Devices

  • Tap on the virtual poo on the screen to earn coins.

How to Play Poop Clicker

  • In this idle game, your job is to click on the Poop as many times as possible to earn coins.
  • Keep in mind that if you manage to fulfill the x2 bar, you will have doubled-up coins! Click more to earn more.
  • Then, use your earnings to get upgrades listed on the right side of the screen. They will enable you to earn more money per second and click.
  • We recommend that to increase the amount of idle money you earn, spend your money mainly on the upgrades stated per second.
  • For example, Kids Poop is an excellent choice in the beginning. In time, you can get the Toilet System and many more!

Unlock Bonus Poop and More

Getting upgrades is a must to increase your revenue in this clicker game. There are 18 upgrades to unlock in Poop Clicker unblocked. Watch your earnings soar with each unlocked upgrade! We will leave you brief information about some of them below.

  • Toilet System: +6 coins per second
  • Expert Clicker: +100 coins per click
  • House Poop: +200 coins per second
  • Cow Clicker: +1000 coins per click
  • Industrial Automation: +5000 coins per second

Changing Weather and Poops

As you progress in this idle game, you will unlock new characters. Shine, Doctor, Master and Funny await you to get them. The hardest one to unlock is the King Poop. Strive to acquire it!

Additionally, you will see that the weather conditions change from normal to rainy. Sunny, Star-Rain and windy follow the rainy weather, respectively. These changes will spice up your gaming experience!


FreezeNova developed Poop Clicker.

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Poop Clicker Unblocked