The warmth of Easter has finally arrived! Colorful eggs, playful bunnies and spring flowers await you in Egg Clicker! Take on an adventure in this idle game and produce thousands and millions of eggs by clicking. Employ automatic clickers, open an egg bank, and unlock new skins to add a festive touch. 

Egg Clicker Unblocked, a 2D idle game with lots of features, achievements and fun, is a game that can be played on any device, even in places where gaming websites are usually blocked. 


Left-click or tap on the egg 

How to Play Egg Clicker?

  • Start off with a single click and dive into an epic adventure. 
  • Your aim is to create and sell as many eggs as possible in the Easter season.  
  • Each click on the egg will produce 1 extra egg at first. 
  • Improve productivity with egg-per-click and egg-per-second boosters. But what are they?
  • Egg Per-Click Boosters: Employ these boosters to increase the number you produce with each click of yours. Some of them are unique click, multiple click and expert clicker.
  • Egg Per-Second Boosters: These are automatic clickers that produce a number of eggs per second, even if you don't click. A few of them are called Easter baskets, systems and researchers. 
  • As you progress in the game, you will find cooler boosters, such as temples and banks that produce millions of eggs per second/click. 

Eggcellent time of the Year: Easter

Egg Clicker is designed to play at this eggcellent time of the year, Easter. It's a time when cute bunnies, baskets and wonderful eggs are all around. In the game, you can unlock many different eggs with different colors and patterns. They might inspire you in your next Easter painting project. 

All these eggs with different skins have various characters such as bunny, gangster, thief, mafia, cute, magician, street, funky, hero, drunk, funny, old, alien and even egg god! Eggsplore them all!

Catch the Golden Eggs

There are a few ways to progress faster in Egg Clicker. 

The first one is catching the golden eggs. Occasionally, you'll see running golden eggs with a ribbon on them. Tap on them to earn bonus points. They will bring you closer to new purchases in your egg business!

The second trick that'll bring you lots of coins is the 'streaks '. In the game, 'streaks' refer to consecutive clicks with a certain speed. When you achieve this, your production level doubles up, allowing you to earn more.

Last but not least, you can watch a short ad to multiply your winnings or get an instant boost in your egg production. This can significantly speed up your progress in the game, making it more exciting and rewarding. 

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Egg Clicker Unblocked