City Stunts is one of the most exciting driving games where you can test your driving skills on sky-high ramps in the city. You will encounter many platforms on the streets of the town. You can wander around the city or do stunts on these ramps if you want. Choose one of the most luxurious sports vehicles the game offers and challenge the city map!

How to Play City Stunts Unblocked

The streets of the city are at your disposal. All you have to do is select the vehicle you want to use from the main menu and enter the city. That's it! Now, if you want, you can perform stunts on the ramps or speed up in the streets. You can find the most durable sports cars in the game. Pick your favorite, and get going!

Perform Stunts

The most effective way to fully enjoy this game is to perform stunts using the ramps in the city. Head towards the ramps at full speed and fly your car into the sky. You show the residents of the city that a sports car can fly, too!

Don't think the car will shatter into pieces if it hits the ground. Nothing happens to these cars. When the vehicle crashes, you can continue where you left off as if nothing happened.

Cars You May Find

  • The game offers you the opportunity to drive 7 different luxury vehicles and a bus. You will also find a jeep among the cars.
  • The cars you will see are sports vehicles of the most famous car brands, such as Ferrari and Aston Martin. You are free to choose and use whatever you want. 
  • Each car has its own different features. Their weights and speed limits may differ from each other.
  • These differences can also affect the act of performing the stunt. For example, it is doubtful that the bus will show the performance of a Ferrari while speeding up.

How do I perform the best stunt show?

It can be beneficial to choose the best vehicle first. A good stunt may not be possible with a heavy car or a jeep. After selecting the appropriate vehicle, the best way is to enter the ramp at a certain speed by centering the ramp and not losing steering control.


  • To steer the car, use the WASD or the Arrow keys.
  • To brake, use the Space key.

What is More?

If you enjoy playing City Stunts, you may also like Madalin Stunt Cars Pro. It has excellent visuals for realistic experiences. In three unique locations, you can choose from a variety of automobiles ranging from the most expensive sports cars to police vehicles.

City Stunts Unblocked