Madalin Stunt Cars Pro

Madalin Stunt Cars Pro is a game where you have complete freedom to drive the car, performing drifts in open environments. The cars are prepared for challenging obstacles and ramps to conquer. 

How many tracks are available?
3 tracks offer the possibility to launch the car off ramps, drift on tight corners and collect blue coins. Whether it's a stunt arena or desert location, get ready to reach more than 200 km/h to test your driving skills and to have a road experience. 
Push the car to its limits and enjoy all the playground details. Change the camera view to see the vehicle from different angles and you can also set a timer to challenge the performance on the track. 

How many modes can I play?
You can play in single-player mode or join the servers in multiplayer mode. You have the occasion to meet other worldwide players if you choose to play multiplayer. Type your name and wait until players join you in the realistic racing journey.  

How many cars can I drive?
There are 21 modern cars, including one police car. You can use the arrow keys to control the car, the Space key to stop the car or to reduce the speed and H to turn on/off the police lights. The color of the car and be changed anytime, so choose something that will be out of the ordinary in front of your opponents.

Madalin Stunt Cars Pro Controls:
• A,W,S,D keys or Arrows to control the car
• Space to use handbrake
• Left shift to use nitro
• C to change Camera position
• R to Reset car
• I to start/stop car engine
• H to toggle police lights

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