Madalin Stunt Cars Pro

Madalin Stunt Cars Pro Unblocked

Madalin Stunt Cars Pro is a racing game that combines high-speed driving with incredible stunts and tracks. 
The game features a range of challenging courses and obstacles, including ramps and loops. There are 3 tracks to test your skills and have fun driving. You can choose to play single player or multiplayer. But before that pick the car it suits you the best and customize it with a color. With amazing graphics and smooth controls, players can perform amazing drifting, flipping and spinning. 

Whether you are racing through mountain landscapes or hot deserts, you will be able to experience endless driving and complete freedom.

Madalin Stunt Cars Pro Controls:
• A,W,S,D keys or Arrows to control the car
• Space to use handbrake
• Left shift to use nitro
• C to change Camera position
• R to Reset car
• I to start/stop car engine
• H to toggle police lights