Police cars don’t come with a manual for stunts but you can invent them. Run past everything you encounter and head for the ramps. There you will find the extreme joy that these ensembles can bring. Stunts are made for those of us in need of a game where there is no right and wrong. You just mind your own business and make the best out of the experience. Because riding at speed in an empty city is one hell of an experience. And Police Stunt Cars is no exception.

10 awesome police cars including a limousine
4 unique maps with many jumping ramps
Speed and drift around the map while doing radical stunts

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space key to handbrake
Left Shift to boost car
G key to unstuck car
R key to reset scene
C key to change view (camera)
E key to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ … ‘9’ ‘0’ to change car
Tab or Esc to toggle pause

Police Stunt Cars Unblocked