Julio Police Cars

Do you want to drive a police car? This is your chance! And these beautifully designed cars we’ve put at your disposal are driving really fast just like the best of your cars when you were a child. Gorgeously designed with grey and black buildings, this game can entice and entertain, leaving you wanting more.

Explore this one as well as the other games but let’s be sure about one thing, in this particular game you will get caught by the passion for racing. 

Julio Police Cars features amazing stunts!
10 awesome police cars including a limousine
4 unique maps with many jumping ramps
Speed and drift around the map while doing radical stunts

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space key to handbrake
Left Shift to boost car
G key to unstuck car
R key to reset scene
C key to change view (camera)
E key to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ … ‘9’ ‘0’ to change car
Tab or Esc to toggle pause

Julio Police Cars Unblocked