Backrooms Shooter is an unblocked shooting game where your objective is to escape from a large room full of Skibidi Toilets and find the exit. There is a vast area here. And you must find the exit door to pass. Trying to find it, you will come across many Skibidi heads on the road. Defeat them all and escape from the rooms in this action game!

How to Play Backrooms Shooter

A virus epidemic broke out all over the world. Now, you and even your Skibidi enemies can not walk around without wearing a gas mask. You will find yourself in a back room belonging to a larger space. There are many rooms. You must find your way to the exit to escape from your enemies whose heads are popping out of the toilets. Dodge their attacks and reach the door in one of the most thrilling shooting games.

Exit Signs

You will see green exit signs as you move between rooms. As there are many, many rooms in the area, you will find it hard to find the exit door. These signs will help you a lot to find it. But keep in mind that you need to move cautiously as Skibidi enemies will increase in numbers. Defeat your enemies while following the signs.

Explosive Barrels

There are many explosive barrels located randomly in the backrooms. You can blow them out when your enemies get crowded to eliminate them at once. But be sure you are not close to one of the barrels. When you are near a barrel while trying to explode it, you will get hurt by the explosion without exception. Keep your distance.

Start with a Shotgun

You will have a shotgun and a pistol in the first level. But as you level up, you will get more powerful arsenals. A M4A4 will be waiting for you in the next level to unlock it. There are many wonderful weapons to use against your crazy enemies. In addition, you have grenades in your backpack. You are free to use them when there are lots of Skibidi toilets.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • Space Key: Jump
  • Left-Shift Key: Run
  • T Key: Slow Motion
  • R Key: Reload
  • G Key: Grenade
  • V Key: Melee
  • Tab Key: Pause
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch Weapons


Backrooms Shooter was developed by G55.

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Backrooms Shooter Unblocked