Soldier Legend is an unblocked shooting game where you try to eliminate alien monsters coming towards you with your gun. They will attack you with all their might. But there is something they don't know. You are a tough guy. There will be many attacks in waves. Overcome each one and reveal your strength in this thrilling action game!

How to Play Soldier Legend

You will encounter many aliens near the towers. Your main aim is to eliminate these creatures one by one and survive their attacks. You will also see UFOs, which attack you from the sky. Therefore, you must keep an eye on both the air and the ground. As you wipe them off, you will earn coins. Use these coins to buy new weapons and boost the towers and power-ups. There are 30 challenging levels. Enjoy each level in this thrilling shooting game.

Unlock New Weapons in Soldier Legend

As you advance in level, you will earn coins. The best way to use these coins is to unlock new powerful weapons for your soldier. In later levels, the UFOs and alien creatures will be more powerful. It would be beneficial for you to get more advanced weapons for yourself to fight robustly. You can find the following weapons below.

  • AK-47 (unlock with 100 coins)
  • Uzi (unlock with 250 coins)
  • Shotgun (unlock with 350 coins)
  • Laser Gun (unlock with 500 coins)
  • Launcher (unlock with 750 coins)
  • Bazooka (unlock with 1000 coins)
  • Gatling (unlock with 1250 coins)

Your Power-up Options

You have 3 unique power-up options that you can use when the attack intensifies: Landmine, Missiles, and Machine Gun. Each has specific features to enhance your power while fighting with the aliens. Landmine allows you to plant a mine. When an alien steps on it, it explodes. Missiles are our favorite power-up, enabling you to remove multiple aliens and UFOs simultaneously. Machine Gun automatically shoots all the aliens and UFOs it can detect nearby.

Boost the Power-ups and Towers

You can enhance the power-ups and tower strength from the shop section. Increasing the attack's damage rate and prolonging the lifetime of the Machine Gun will be very beneficial to your gaming experience. You can also improve the recovery time of the Mana Tower and the fire rate of the Robo-Factory. Robo-Factory produces robots for you to fight alongside you.🤖


As you fulfill the tasks, you will get trophies. You may view the tasks and trophies from the Trophies section in the main menu. You will see tasks like using 50 mines and winning 15 levels. Unlocking new trophies will make you feel very excited!


  • WASD or Arrow keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Mouse: Aim
  • R Key: Reload

Mobile Device and Tablet Controls

  • Arrow Symbols: Move
  • Direction Button: Aim and Shoot
  • Reload Icon: Reload


Soldier Legend is developed by QKY Game Studio.

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Soldier Legend Unblocked