Cannon Strike is an unblocked mini game where you fire your cannon and launch vibrant balls into the bucket. You must fill the bucket with the balls without missing any of them. In this way, you can get a three-star ranking. The more objects you send to the scuttle, the more stars you get. Pass each level with the most stars in this challenging arcade game!

How to Play Cannon Strike

  • When you enter the game, you will see a cannon pointing downwards. The machine directly faces a bucket at the bottom of the screen.
  • There is also a gray layer constantly moving between these two instruments. Your main task here is to fire the colorful balls from the machine and make them go to the scuttle without hitting this layer.
  • If the balls and gray layer collide, they will be scattered in the playing field.
  • We recommend that you find the proper moment to fire the balls by considering the movements of the layer.

Don’t Let a Single Ball Spill

Your main aim in this arcade game is to pass the levels with the most stars. To do that, you must use your precise aiming skills well and shoot the balls directly to the scuttle without letting them spill around. The critical point here is to calculate the movements of the gray layers and send them according to it. As you level up, things will get more challenging, and some new layers will be added to the game.

Use the Gray Layers to Your Benefit

In later levels, there will be more than one layer. You have to act on them. Sometimes, you can direct the balls by bouncing them on a gray layer to put them into the bucket. You may also develop your own strategy to fill it. Use all the layers to your advantage in the game.


  • Use your Left Mouse button to shoot the balls.
  • Use the touchscreen to send the balls on your mobile devices or tablets.


Cannon Strike is developed by QKY Games Studio.

What is More?

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Cannon Strike Unblocked