Skibidi Strike is an unblocked shooting game where you will encounter many moving Skibidi toilets trying to attack you. You are in the shoes of a soldier. And you will unlock new and powerful arsenals as you progress in this thrilling FPS game. Complete the tasks given to you and move on to the next challenge. Those creepy creatures are not strong enough to defeat you!🚽

How to Play Skibidi Strike

You are a soldier in the desert with a regular gun. There will be many Skibidi toilets coming toward you. Don’t let them get close to you. They will attack you if they get the chance. Your first task is to eliminate 10 of them. After completing the given tasks, you will move to the next level. Each level gets harder and harder. The good news is every level you pass will enable you to unlock a new advanced gun.

One Accurate Shot

You can defeat your enemies with only one bullet. Aim on their head and shoot them when you are ready. But, it can be a bit challenging as they move fast and clumsy. If you have difficulty aiming precisely, activate the slowdown mode by pressing the T key on your keyboard.

Unlock Eye-catching Guns

Every level you pass brings you a new gun with more strength. You will start with a regular weapon. Desert Eagle, UZI and many other eye-catching firearms are waiting for you to unlock them for a more enjoyable game experience. Besides new arsenals, you have the grenade option. There will be many enemies you will face in later levels. When you find more than one enemy next to each other, you can benefit from the bomb option.

Avoid Their Attacks

They have no guns or other equipment, but they will not be merciful if they get close to you. Their close attack can severely drop your health bar. So, avoid their close attacks as much as you can. You can also perform close attacks on your enemies using the back of your gun or with a knife.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space Key: Jump
  • Left-Shift Key: Run
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • V Key: Melee
  • T Key: Slow Motion
  • R Key: Reload
  • G Key: Grenade
  • Tab Key: Pause
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch Weapons


Skibidi Strike was developed by G55.

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Skibidi Strike Unblocked