Rally Racing is all about cars and racing. Experience the off-road driving against other opponents. Start the journey and enjoy the fantastic road. Let's see what you have to do to complete your goal as the best rally driver. 
Having the most straightforward controls, you need to control only by pressing on left-right arrows. Feel vehicles' power as you speed up and navigate the challenging track. Speed needs a lot of fuel. You will see the level of fuel on the screen. Also, remember to take the fuel can when it appears on the road. If the car has the fuel empty, you have a one-time reward of free energy. Keep the car on the track and overtake other opponents. Be careful the competition is intense and it is the best way to experience the challenges when the main objective is to be in first position.  
Along the way, crowds of people will cheer for you, so offer them great moments on your journey to becoming a champion. Achieve the best score and claim a place on the leaderboard.  
Racing is always challenging because of the unexpected situations on the way. Other players have the same goal as you. So, start the engines and show your style of driving.

Rally Racing Unblocked