This game is an extraordinary drift game! Pocket Drift has a race track shaped like an 8, and you don't need to drive the car here because the car moves by itself. All you have to do is drift and hit the brakes when necessary. Pocket Drift is a free, unblocked drift game you can enjoy on your web browser. Overcome obstacles and reach the finish line!

How to Play Pocket Drift

Your car in Pocket Drift moves automatically. What you should do is overcome obstacles on the 8-shaped race track and reach the finish line. Of course, this will not be that easy because it slides a lot since the vehicle is a drift vehicle. You need to move forward by keeping it under control. You will also encounter many obstacles, including collapsible barrier systems.

Infinity Circuit

You will start with Infinity Circuit. Due to its shape, there are many corners on the race track. This is the part that makes things difficult for you. You need to take a good turning angle while the vehicle is moving. Otherwise, you will crash, and that will slow you down. You will see coins along the way; collecting them will help you buy new vehicles.

Unlocking New Tracks in Pocket Drift

  • You won't always race on the 8-shaped track because new race tracks will be unlocked as you earn the necessary trophies. Pocket Drift offers you 5 different race tracks.
  • In order to unlock new tracks, you must win a trophy by collecting the essential points on the race track. Before starting the game, you can view the required points for which cup. You will get these points by drifting.

Various Obstacles

You need to avoid hitting fallen crates, collapsible barriers and track walls. If you come into contact with anyone while drifting, you will lose your drift multiplier.


  • Use the A and D or the Left and Right arrow keys to steer the car.

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Pocket Drift Unblocked