Drift Boss is a game where you can play the role of a professional drift driver. Follow the special techniques, control the car, increase the speed and release the drifts on the track. 

Can I use any boosters?
Yes, the boosters are meant to support your performance and to grow your score points. You can choose the following boosters: double score, car insurance and coin rush. These boosters are a plus for your skills; you can pick them all to enjoy the rewards for executing drifts.

How can I perform drifts?
You have to deal with a challenging track set full of turns and twists. Only drift when you're close to a bend. Also, you need to concentrate and anticipate your drifts in tight spots. The sharper the angle, the more impressive will be the drift. Take coins to collect and keep the car on the track and avoid falling. If it happens to fall too often, just upgrade your car for a better tire grip.
It will be easy to earn a great score if you follow the instructions and the intuition. Balance the speed and drifting skills for the best result.

The visuals and sound effects will create the atmosphere for you to keep playing and feel good when driving and drifting.

Hold left click or space to move right


Drift Boss Unblocked Game