It's the OvO Game time of the day! Take a break from what you are doing. Jump, smash, dive and slide! OvO is a stickman game that will put your arcade gaming skills to the test. Protect this little stick guy from falling down and reach the final flag! Each level has its own unique obstacles. There is a time clock on top right to challenge yourself to complete levels quickly. 

How to Play OvO Game?

  • The game itself will guide you in the first levels to adapt to controls. However, it would help to learn these tips before starting.
  • Controls are like in any other arcade game. You should use the arrow keys to move. You can jump by pressing up or the spacebar. On the other hand, OvO stickman has several special movements that are more than running and jumping. These movements are diving, smashing and sliding. Learn about them below.
  • Diving: Jumping will save you from small obstacles and holes. But more is needed for big ones. When facing a long cavity or obstacle to jump over, you need to dive. You can dive by pressing the down arrow key while jumping. Diving is a short fly in the air, just like how chickens fly.
  • Smashing: Checked floors can be smashed when you need to go down. In order to smash a floor, first jump and press down.
  • Sliding: You may need to go under some of the obstacles. Slide under them by pressing down arrow key while running.
  • You can change your skin in the main menu and slay with your style. Our favorite skin is "MaterWelon OVO". Give that suit a chance. 
  • As of 2023, there are 9 sections consisting of 61 levels in total, and still growing. These sections are Basic, Mechanics, Getting Serious, Higher Order, OvO Space Program, Journey through the Portal, Community Levels, The Gauntlet and Traning Level. 
  • You may choose to challenge yourself to complete a section in a shorter time and beat your own record.

Tips for Difficult OvO Levels

  • OvO is not just a parkour game. As you level up, some levels require puzzle-solving skills as well. You need to figure out which path is less risky and doable.
  • Since OvO is a fast-paced skill game, you might fail in the first trials. But don't worry, you will get used to the mechanics in a short time.
  • If you are really stuck with a level, you may get help by watching walkthroughs. There are many OvO fans out there to help you out with this!


  • Press up arrow to move up
  • Use down arrow to move down
  • Use left arrow to move left
  • Use right arrow to move right
  • Use the Spacebar to jump
  • Press R to restart the level

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