Motorbike Simulator

You and your bike get to fly as high as a kite. On the convoluted ramps, it is possible to flip upside down, and this is the beauty of the game.

But the question arises. Can you stand straight on your bike while you do a barrel roll? Relax your shoulders and fingers. Look for the tracks and speed up. This game has a lot to offer. And the satisfaction it provides is hard to measure or equal. 

3 cool bikes: Racer, Police and Cross
4 different maps
The craziest platforms for stunts

Arrow keys or WASD keys to drive
Space bar for handbrake
C to change view (camera)
Left Shift to boost bike
R to reset scene
G to reset bike
E to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
Tab to exit to main menu

Motorbike Simulator Unblocked