Moto X3M Winter is an unblocked bike game where you ride your bike on a winter wonderland. The game is the fourth game of the popular moto-bike game Moto X3M. The only difference from the original one is the Christmas theme. You will love riding your bike along with Christmas trees and candy canes in this driving game!🍭

How to Play Moto X3M Winter

There are 25 festive-themed levels in the game. You will come across different kinds of obstacles in each of them. You will encounter launchers that strike candies. TNTs and spikey, icy roads are waiting for you. Move fast, but be cautious while going ahead. You already know that time is very precious in all the Moto X3M games. So, performing stunts will earn you a great deal of time!

Perform Stunts on the Icy Road

You must reach the finish line in the fastest way possible. To do that, you can use the tracks on the wonderland. Some of the tracks will allow you to perform stunts. Using these tracks to your benefit will shorten your time period for that level. Each flip you perform earns you -0.5 seconds. In this way, you can get three stars.

Checkpoints with a Guardian Snowman

There will be many checkpoints that have a guardian snowman on the road. Use these points to keep going even if you break your neck with a fall. They enable you to continue your way on the tracks. Accessing these points is essential for you to complete all the levels.

Get Fantastic Bikes

Change your ordinary orange bike with the new one! When you enter the Bike Shop, you will see two fantastic bikes. One of them is the green ATV with a green helmet rider on it. You may unlock this motorcycle with 15 stars. The other is the red and golden bike whose driver is Santa Claus! Getting this bike will cost you 40 stars.


  • To accelerate, use the W key.
  • To brake, use the S key.
  • To raise the front wheel, use the A key.
  • To raise the back wheel, use the D key.

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Moto X3M Winter Unblocked