Moto X3M Spooky Land

Moto X3M Spooky Land is a Halloween-themed bike game. You will love riding a bike on spooky tracks. Don’t let many scary obstacles shiver you! Face them head-on. Get on your motorcycle and head to the final point. Reaching the zone the fastest way possible is your main aim in this driving game.🎃

How to Play Moto X3M Spooky Land Unblocked

As in the original game, you will try to make it to the finish line as soon as possible. Time flies while you are riding your motorcycle on dirt floors full of bones. The faster you move, the more stars you get. You will face many obstacles, like green slimes along the freaky tracks. Overcome each one individually and pass the 22 unique levels.

Avoid Deadly Surprises

You must move cautiously to make progress, as many moving floors may throw you. You must think quickly and act according to the traps coming your way. At the same time, you have to reach the finish line at the earliest. The game forces you to make stunts to achieve all of these. Performing stunts saves you a good time.

Important Areas: Checkpoints

You will see checkpoints on the tracks with a guardian ghost. These points allow you to continue your way even if you fall from your bike. They make your job easier. Access these areas by moving forward enough.

Change Your Bikes with the Spooky Ones

Use your earned stars to buy new spooky motorcycles. You will find a red bike with a naughty green witch on it. You can unlock it with 12 stars. The other one is crafted with bones. And its driver is a pumpkin-headed rider. Spooktacular, isn’t it? Unlocking this motorcycle will cost you 35 stars.


  • Use the W key to accelerate.
  • Use the S key to brake.
  • Use the A key to raise the front wheel.
  • Use the D key to raise the back wheel.

Other Moto X3M Games

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Moto X3M Spooky Land Unblocked